LIFE EXAMPLE: NEVER, but NEVER sign these papers without a LAWYER !!!

LIFE EXAMPLE: NEVER, but NEVER sign these papers without a LAWYER !!!

Another reckless conclusion of a settlement without a lawyer, which led to the defeat, and it should be a victory.


The lawyer represented his client and they successfully sued the employer for damages. The verdict was final and the employer evaded payment. They therefore filed a motion for enforcement against his house. The execution would certainly be successful, the client would get his money within a few months, because the debtor’s house will be sold at a court auction.

Even before selling his house at auction, the employer saw the naivety of our client: he personally went to him, without our knowledge, and encouraged him to sign a settlement under which he undertook to pay the client a smaller amount of money. His debt to the client amounted to more than 7 thousand euros.

Of course, this is a scam; the party is also, to put it mildly, indescribably irresponsible. One free phone call and brief consultations with a lawyer would bring her 8 times more money and save her the hassle and hassle of proving fraud in a new lawsuit.

We come to the conclusion that what Einstein said is true: the only thing that is even bigger than the universe is human stupidity. Don’t fall for scams, contact a lawyer, that’s the smartest thing for you.


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