LIFE: His wife ruined his life with one sentence and made such debts..

LIFE: His wife ruined his life with one sentence and made such debts..

The insurance took advantage of a human error: it did not pay compensation to the driver, and the driver has been suing him for 6 years and proving his right.

The essence of every accident is precisely in mistake, clumsiness, haste. Because the driver made a mistake, because the car braked and clogged, he fled. Casco insurance is intended for such cases.

Because his wife wrote him one problematic sentence in a request that the insurer make little use of this penalty and interpret it in his own way, she was left without a high insurance premium, and her husband has been fighting in court for 6 years.

How should a driver seek compensation?

The wife erroneously recorded the claim that she blocked the transmission on the P vehicle before leaving. In fact the driver just mistakenly thought he was switched to P, but in reality he didn’t. Therefore, he should have said in the statement that he did not know exactly in which position the gearbox was: that he was convinced that he had shifted it to P, but he was obviously wrong and was not there (so the car was not blocked); as a result, the car crashed into the abyss.

Such things are not clear to the average person. But that’s why insurance companies can’t wait for such statements to dismiss claims. Slight awkwardness turned into a nightmare.


One slightly wrong sentence can lead you to disaster. Therefore, it is better to consult an experienced lawyer, what to do in a complex case before you write nonsense yourself. The driver preferred to save a few hundred euros for legal advice, and the request was written by his wife. As a result, he was left without money, and in addition to litigation he has several thousand euros in costs.

Lawyers are not cheap, but they are a hundred times cheaper than the price of the described error.


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