This Plant Cures Many Diseases. You will not believe what all has a positive effect

This Plant Cures Many Diseases. You will not believe what all has a positive effect

Thyme is not only a spice, but has been proven for centuries to have healing properties, and at the same time has a very important place in herbalism, aromatherapy and phytotherapy. If you replace a cup of morning coffee with a cup of thyme tea, you will soon notice its positive effects.

Timothy essential oil, distilled from thyme leaves, due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, is excellent for relieving sore throats, tonsils, coughs, colds, allergic rhinitis, back pain, irritable bowel movements and many other problems.

Thyme can be used to prepare mouthwashes, as well as for gum problems and inflammation of the oral and pharyngeal cavities. It is added to food, helps digest fatty foods. It is rich in manganese which participates in metabolic processes. Massage with thyme essential oil tones the skin. It has a protective effect on the heart, brain and relieves urinary tract infections. Thyme is especially useful in relieving the symptoms of asthma, bronchitis and cough.

Ingredients of thyme essential oil, especially thymol and carvacrol, are always excreted through the lungs, regardless of the route of administration, and thus have an antiseptic effect. They also have a mild irritating effect, but only to the extent that they stimulate secretory cells in the airways and the movement of ciliary epithelium in the bronchi.

Thyme also has a spasmolytic effect, as it relaxes the smooth muscles in the bronchi, and at the same time helps to dilute the thick mucus in a productive cough and thus facilitates expectoration.


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