101 Effective Ways to Increase Twitter Followers

Twitter is a powerful social media platform for business. It can help you generate engagements, supports in growing your business and build connections with your targeted audiences.

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These days, growing more twitter followers with genuine fans takes concentrated efforts.

0Between short attention spans and harsh competition, the road ahead is a bit difficult!

However, it is still possible to create an engaging Twitter account that attracts genuine and loyal followers.

Want to know how?

Well, by following my 101 effective and ultimate ways to increase followers on Twitter, you’re definitely going to taste the best piece of the cake!

So, let’s get started…

Increase Twitter Followers

1. Ensure to tweet often because it offers a short span of relevancy to your followers to get engaged.

However, the question is “what should be the time gap between two tweets?

However, the question is “what should be the time gap between two tweets?

Well, there is no exact time interval available, but you can Increase Twitter Followers by tweeting every three (3) hours in a day.

2. Twitter business bio Twitter business bio because lots of people will examine your bio to decide whether they will follow your business or not. So be specific and clearly mention about your business and make sure to add a profile image that reflects your brand.

3. Let’s popularize your Twitter account. Yes, by cross-promoting your Twitter handle on various social sites, you can grab the change to get more twitter followers.

4. Promote your tweets on the website and blogs. Definitely, it is going to help you increase Twitter followers, but don’t forget to embed your live Twitter feed on the website and blogs. Ensure to have a Twitter “Follow” button on your website and add “Tweet this” button to your blog for easy access.

Well, this example will help you understand better and Increase Twitter Followers.

Here, you can see a Twitter button in the image. On clicking this button, it automatically directs that person to that live tweet. Isn’t it interesting?

Following this way, it can help you drive more followers to your Twitter handle.

5. Make sure to embed your best Tweets. By selecting your best Tweets, you can code them directly on the blog or website and invite your targeted audience.

6. Find your industry leaders and follow them. It is even better to interact with them to popularize your Twitter account.

7. Getting an industry leader follow your Twitter account is a great attempt to invite genuine followers. And when they follow you, keep in touch as they might just retweet you to their followers.

8. Adding keywords to your Twitter bio can help in showing up in Twitter’s search results. But ensure the keywords are relevant and not forced.

To understand in a better way, let’s take the example of FitFluential.

FitFluential’s Twitter bio has used relevant keywords to describe what they’re all about. They have written their bio in such a way that the sentences don’t seem to be using more keywords and is crafted in a natural flow.

9. Make a practice to mention 3 new people a day on Twitter. This will help you increase the number of Twitter followers on your account.

10. As you add your website or phone number in your email signature, similarly don’t forget to include a link to your Twitter in your email signature, so that more people can easily get in touch with your Twitter account.

11. Sign up for Twitter directories Yes, there are many Twitter directories, where people go to search for people and various businesses. You don’t need to pay for it because these types of listing are free and it is among the easiest ways to find and follow different Twitter accounts.

Well, for instance, you can try out these sites – Wefollow or Twittercounter

12. Always ensure to follow the people who are like you or has a similar kind of business. You can use Twitter’s “Who to follow” list, which you can easily fetch from Twitter based activities you perform or follow.

13. Increase Twitter Followers by following people who follow you back. Yes, following back to your followers will make them feel special and increase the chances to attract more followers.

14. Do not DM (Direct Message) to new Twitter followers. Yes, it is an old school method, which makes your followers feel like you’ve a spamming account.

15. Use relevant hashtags in your post as tweets with hashtags get at least 2X more engagements and will help you attract new followers who are searching for those hashtags.

16. While using hashtags in your Twitter post, it is better to keep them to a maximum of 3 (three) – otherwise, your Twitter handle may look like a spamming account.

17. It is ideal to use trending hashtags. Well, search for various hashtags that are related to your business and start engaging by replying that chat using those trending hashtags. Further, you can retweet other people by using the same hashtag and invite more followers.

So, do you want to know how trending hashtags can help you?

Let’s take the example of Larry Kim’s post.

Well, the hashtags used in the example like #SEO, #business and #PPC are among the simplest and trending hashtags.

Using these types of hashtags will not only help you get more engagements, but it will also help to grow your Twitter followers instantly.

18. Try using campaign specific hashtags. Well, you can create own tweet community by using a campaign or business specific hashtags

Want to know?

Here’s an example Twitter chat campaign – #SocialPilotchat

#SocialPilotchat is a generic term and the invitation was not specific. Everyone was invited to share their experience and expertise.

Well, following such a strategy will definitely help you increase your followers on Twitter.

19. General hashtags can help you reach more audiences. Yes, using common hashtags will help you extend your reach of tweets to more followers on twitter

20. Search and follow people that have keywords or hashtags related to your business. For this you will’ve to search for relevant business word such as words relevant to your industry or niche.

21. Try to promote your Twitter account on all marketing platforms. The marketing platforms include both online as well as offline, such as on business cards, in the websites, brochures and more.

22. Always use a headshot instead of your brand’s logo. These days, nobody wants to follow a faceless brand, so it is important to show them the real face behind the brand

23. Tweeting on weekends is beneficial. According to Dan Zarella’s research, “Brands get 17% more engagement on weekends as compared to weekdays”.

24. Mention the reference user’s name when replying any tweet as it increases the chances of people getting more engaged when they’re mentioned by their name

25. If you’re adding tweet on your website or blog, then why not to make it easy for the followers reach you? Yes, by using the follow button on your blog or website, the followers can be directed to that particular tweet.

26. Responding in public and sharing your experience and views with others helps in drawing more followers. Don’t forget to @mention the name of the person who asked the question.

27. It is important to be informative when posting on Twitter. Well, if we take the ratio then 80% of the content should be about your business and the rest 20% should be related to you. So, make sure you’re not just tweeting about your brand the whole time.

28. Tweet inspirational and motivational quotes to connect with your followers. There are greater chances for getting retweets.

Let’s know more by taking the example of Stephen R. Covey’s tweet.

The number of likes and retweets proves that inspirational or motivational quotes definitely helps in attracting more Twitter followers.

29. Be you… Be original. This simply means to post content that is useful to the general audience or tweet your original content to fetch good followers.

30. Be consistent on tweeting your content because tweeting many times in a day or weeks can help you get more Twitter followers.

31. If you’re unable to catch the consistency, the best thing you can do is scheduling out your tweets in advance. You can create an entire schedule calendar for every month and pre-schedule your tweets.

32. Start interacting with your @mentions. This is the opportunity to connect with followers and preserve them forever with your brand.

33. According to Ian Anderson Gray, “The right way of retweeting is by adding something valuable to the conversation, instead of just adding to the noise”. Always try to complete the conversation with your followers, so that they feel connected and cared.

34. Include a link to your Twitter account’s @username in the author bio, where you’re publishing your guest posts.

35. You can @mention influential users when tweeting because it may help you catch their attention and they can also retweet your content to their followers. This way it can help you increase your Twitter followers.

36. Popularize your Twitter handle by participating in Twitter chats. Because chats are a great way to engage more followers.

37. Follow the people from the Twitter chat, who has replied in your answers as they’re likely interested to follow you back.

38. Ensure to have the best tweet to the top of your stream, so that when people visit your Twitter account, they get the best reason to follow you.

39. You can ask your email subscribers to follow you on Twitter account. Inspire them by acknowledging about chats, topics and interesting discussion that can help them expand their niche.

40. Use Twitter search to find people with same interest and who shares your content. Reach out to them and try to engage with their content for increasing your Twitter traffic.

41. Sometimes help others rather than just promoting your content and become known as someone who puts the needs of others first. This will help you organically grow your followers.

42. Reply Influencer’s tweets and give them your feedback on their post. Your feedback will make them notice you and increase the chance to follow you back.

43. Ask your @mention users to share their input to your post. This will help to increase the reliability of your post.

44. Link your Twitter profile to your other social media profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

45. Add Images to your tweets for increasing your Twitter followers.

Increase Twitter Followers

Research states that tweets with images receives more engagements than those without images. 36% of links shared on Twitter are images, so including them in your post will not only help you get shares but can also increase your Twitter followers.

46. Always try to tweet on the best times from 1 pm to 3 pm because Twitter traffic is at a peak between these hours.

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47. You can tweet often, but make sure not in bursts. According to a Korean research study, “The common reason why people unfollow is due to more number of tweets in a short span of time”.

48. Add questions to your retweets to increase visibility and more followers.

49. Asking a question has always been the best way to grow engagements because it will prove you are really concerned about what people are thinking.

50. If you want more engagements, share news that’s relevant to both your business and audience.

51. Don’t think of buying fake followers! Yes, initially it might sound good for growing the followers, but eventually these followers will never add any value to your business.

52. Engaging and growing your Twitter account with fake followers may lead your account being suspended, so avoid inviting fake followers.

53. One of the best ways of increasing your Twitter followers is by finding and following your LinkedIn connections on your Twitter account.

54. Use words like Twitter, you, retweet and please in your post because these words are more likely to get retweeted.

55. Similarly, there are certain words to avoid in your Twitter post like going, game, lol and more as they can affect your followers.

56. Use videos in your Tweets because twitter is becoming more and more video friendly.

For a clear idea, let’s take the example of one of the most popular and famous shoe brand – Nike.

From, the number of likes, comment and retweets, it is clearly visible that adding a video to your post can help you get more Twitter followers.

57. You can create your own video or can even live-stream video on Twitter as long as it’s depicting your business and your targeted audience.

58. Keep a track on your tweets, which are getting the most interaction and repeat posting those popular tweets again at different times. This will help you keep your followers engaged with your account.

59. Try to keep your tweets under 140 characters because it makes easier for the @mentions to share it further with their followers.

60. Spell out “Retweet” in your post. Ask your followers to retweet their answer as it has 23x’s of higher retweet rate.

61. Avoid auto-tweet when it comes to increasing your Twitter followers. Yes, you can definitely share the similar topic but don’t post the same content because it may lead to increase the churn rate of followers.

62. Be as creative writer as you can! You have 140 characters to show your talent and attract as much as followers to your Twitter account.

63. Go for one sentence, quotes or headlines in your post. Try to make your post catchy and awe-inspiring for your followers that can help you get more retweets.

64. Retweet your followers on their posts in a positive way because doing this will show you are a business that cares about their customers.

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65. Tweet about others who has mentioned your brand or business in their post. This way, eventually it will help you grow your number of followers.

66. Whenever you mention the user’s name in your posts, make sure to add [email protected] because this form of mention will not only allow that person to see but the post will be seen by the entire public.

67. Be active and try out various ideas on performing different contests. Contests can be live chat contests, video contests, essay contests and more because this will make your Twitter content more engaging.

68. Run your Twitter contests regularly to gain momentum. Doing this can help in building habits in your followers to check your account regularly and can keep your contest tweets shared further.

69. Reward back your followers who took part in the contests or discussions. Use giveaway method and offer your followers a chance to win the prizes!

In the example of #SocialPilotchat, there is a prize declaration made to the public at large. This buzz results in greater participation, @mentions and interactions with general audiences

70. Create a recap blog on your website that includes what the Twitter chat is about and also add the most valuable answers in the form of screenshots to your blog. Don’t forget to embed the tweets so that people can be directed to that particular tweet easily.

71. Prepare a list of things or questions to be discussed in your Twitterchat and share it prior to the event. This will create a buzz among the people and they will be prepared with some good answers.

72. You can send reminder tweets about the chat to your followers or you can also cross post the reminders to your Instagram or Facebook audiences.

73. Twitter chat is a great way to increase the followers because it is the right time where you can encourage your follower’s answers and engaging them permanently with your account.

74. Improve your tweets according to what your followers want. If your followers love headlines or quotes, keep tweeting quotes or headlines frequently to get more response.

75. Make sure your blog’s social sharing is accessible all the times. Involve social sharing buttons on your blog to attract more traffic, so that people can directly follow your account by just a click of a button.

76. Promote the same post at different times in a day. Considering how quickly tweets can lost in the feed, it’s totally acceptable to share your same post multiple times in a day as it helps in getting your content in front of more audience.

77. Engage your followers by telling a story Despite giving them the basic headlines, use generic and practical language to narrate your content as they will find your post more engaging than others.

78. Use eye-catchy GIFs and stand out with unique content as visuals perform well on Twitter.

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79. Use GIFs or images in the form of thank you instead of content when someone @mentions you in any tweets.

80. Add strong call to action in your tweets as actionable tweets is a great way to engage more Twitter followers.

81. Be attentive and active to respond back quickly to your followers’ tweets or answers. Also @mention them back in answer to show you care about their feedback.

82. Add a Twitter widget that displays your recent tweets on your website or written blogs.

83. Use #FF (FollowFriday) for your tweets and recommend other Twitter users to tweet using hashtag #FollowFriday because it is a Twitter tradition, which helps in knowing who has recommended you and a great way to raise your Twitter handle.

84. Use a custom about page for your business. Consider creating a custom about page on your blog and link it to your Twitter account because a Twitter bio only includes 140 characters, which is not enough to explain your business in detail.

85. Try to keep your tweets short and easy to understand because short tweets are more likely to get retweeted and shared further by the followers.

86. Avoid too much promotion of your blogs, product, services,etc on Twitter because there’s an invisible line you must never cross that can lead your account to a spamming account.

87. Make sure to follow good Twittiquette. If someone retweets on your post, ensure to respond them your answer in a polite manner, so that they can be more engaging with your upcoming posts.

88. You can curate different sharable content. Introduce people with new ideas, things and brands that are relevant to your business line and your targeted audience.

89. Don’t be serious all the time because amusing (funny) tweets are among the most retweeted and liked by different people on Twitter.

90. Run Twitter polls. It is a highly engaging move that can be used for asking serious questions about your follower’s feedback on your brand or asking some questions about your industry.

91. Start engaging with your local community It is a good idea to join relevant discussions within the community and follow other relevant business

92. Be one of the trusted source of information for your followers by providing practical content, reliable discussions and solutions to your followers.

93. Reach out to big influencers on Twitter Yes, retweeting their post and answer the tweets in a good manner will help you get noticed by them.

94. Reply to users that mention other users When you find some interesting tweet and want to add your point of view to it, go ahead. This will increase the chance of getting noticed by other followers.

94. Reply to users that mention other users When you find some interesting tweet and want to add your point of view to it, go ahead. This will increase the chance of getting noticed by other followers.

95. Add location to your Twitter account. Let the people know where they can find you because it will increase the credibility of your account.

96. Make sure the header image, i.e. the large picture at the top of your twitter profile is related to your brand, clean and sized properly.

97. Many people are active on both weekends and weekdays and of course you cannot miss the chance of connecting with them, but before tweeting, ensure to check the analytics to determine the best times to tweet.

98. Apart from tweeting on weekends, you can also try tweeting on different times on weekdays. Tweet between 5 pm to 6 pm for engaging more visits.

99. Make sure your Twitter profile is complete because incomplete profile can really discourage a new visitor from getting back to you.

100. Try tweeting with various hashtags and at new times because it can give you the real data that whether you need to improve your tweeting strategy or not!

101. Target your Twitter ads Twitter ads can help you promote your tweets and maximize your reach to more people.

Over to you!

Growing a Twitter following takes time and lump sum efforts, so this makes it simple to understand why people are looking for shortcuts.

However, following these effective ways of increasing your Twitter followers can help you invite an organic and engaging audience, keeping the fake followers aside!

Well, if you have another easy and quick ways of growing your Twitter following, you are always welcome to mention your views in the comment section and I’d love to hear it from you!

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