Cryptocurrency Workshop Professional


Our “Become a Cryptomaster” workshop is a course of technical and fundamental analysis and crypto-trading, in which you will learn everything you need for successful trading

  • Get what you need for a successful start and a great sequel
  • Market psychology and emotional market cycle and theory of Elliott waves
  • Use of Fibonacci corrections and oscillation indicators
  • Crypto trading on patches and how to analyze ICOs
  • Trade with daily trading signals and corrections
  • Fundamental and technical analysis and analysis of individual coins
  • Video recording of the workshop with all the information
  • 1 hour of work with crypto watts per day brings a great income
  • The workshop is in the form of a live webinar and lasts about 2 hours
  • Lecturer Andrej Bohinc, uni.dipl. economist, entrepreneur, financial advisor & investor
  • For more information Watch Video Teaser