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 Knowing what makes your customers tick and how you can influence their purchasing behaviors and decisions is crucial when developing in-depth content marketing strategies. The aim is to change the behavior of their audience in a way that benefits their business. Understanding some key principles of behavioral psychology can take your content marketing from good to great in a matter of days.

To successfully sell products and services, it’s never been more important to apply the science of how people make decisions, behavioral psychology, to marketing strategy to ensure it’s effective. Our experience in the modern world provides more stimulation than we were designed to handle. As a result, this experience consumes our limited mental resources and changes how we think. To ensure we have enough mental resources to perform necessary mental functions, we become more likely to make decisions using less resource-intensive forms of thinking that help us conserve energy. In other words, we don’t think much.


The goal of behavioral psychology in content marketing is to influence the behavior of the client in order to benefit the business. Marketers use it to increase traffic, engagement, conversions, and other metrics. To achieve high indexes, you need to change the content marketing strategy based on several principles of behavioral psychology.

Behavioral psychology explains why customers are acting the way they are. Better still, by applying the lessons learned from scientific theory, we’re able to remove barriers to online conversion and increase customer spend and retention by understanding what makes people act, and how to integrate it in campaigns, email marketing, content, and even graphic design.

There’s no doubt that Amazon.com are the clear winners – they utilise pretty much every tactic from the Digital Psychology toolkit. From classic examples of anchoring, to scarcity, reciprocity and cognitive consistency – they even take digital psychology offline, with their approach to direct mail, which is something I’ve not seen any other pure play brands doing (yet). Another incredibly powerful website, this time utilising social proof as their main conversion trigger, is Booking.com. I counted 5 separate social proof devices on one hotel profile alone. Booking.com is currently ranked the 103rd most popular website in the world by Alexa, and has a bounce rate of just 24.8%.

What does that mean in practice?

– People look for patterns. At the most biological level, it’s how we’ve evolved (or how we’re hard-wired). Giving people the opportunity to identify simple patterns motivates them to keep looking. In design, copy, and other forms of marketing don’t be too complicated. Strive for simplicity, and give your prospects a chance to find patterns and symmetry.

– People have a tendency to second guess their own behavior, especially if they’re unsure of impact. If you’re trying to trigger someone into action, affirm the fact it will make a difference. Reduce the margin for your prospects to question their decisions by giving a rationale for conversion or purchase.

– Ultimately, you define your brand. Taking an aggressive and highly strategic approach to defining yourselves before your customers (or competitors) can do the same is just good marketing. Be clear about what your organization stands for; whether that’s social corporate responsibility, software, or professional services. Because pleasing everyone is neither possible or optimal.

Reciprocity as well is essentially the behavioral psychology principle behind most of the inbound marketing. Consumers are provided value, in the form of free education and content resources, in exchange for permission to engage. If your brand is trying to take more from your prospects than you’re giving in return, your results won’t be stellar.

Social proof is especially crucial for smaller brands, who may need to work a little harder to establish credibility and expertise in the age of the internet. Anyone can claim expertise. Sharp marketers prove it by sharing customer statistics, case studies, and other verifiable facts.

– It shouldn’t come as a surprise that reward is a massively motivating factor for human behavior. Not all people are motivated in the same ways. Some customer groups may strive for professional success and others may act to save money. Knowing what your customers need and offering it as a carrot is always a win, though.

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– Most consumers are ultimately emotional, even though logic plays a major role in purchases. Every organization, even the most serious B2B brands, can benefit from appropriate use of emotional appeal. You have to know how to spark an emotion.

The paradox of choice lies in the fact that customers are less satisfied when they are presented with too many options, fearing that another option might be better. Provide the subscribers with the feeling that they are making a choice by themselves, even though you previously cut choices to a minimum.

– After reading through the content, the subscriber needs to take further action. To do this, offer them two options; for example, this could be to read something or go back to the home page. Don’t offer more than two options.

Behavioral psychology is the constant reality of every marketing. We redesign and improve websites, web shops, and Facebook pages in order to reach their full potential according to the principles and legitimacy of consumer behavioral psychology on the web.

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